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Spanish Conversation Scripts | Intermediate

Although it might be a challenging endeavor, learning Spanish can be rewarding. Developing conversational abilities is one of the most difficult aspects of learning a new language. It might be challenging to gain confidence and expertise in Spanish speaking without frequent practice.

A Spanish conversation script can be helpful in this situation. For language learners of all levels, a conversation script can be a useful tool that offers a systematic and entertaining approach to practice conversational skills, enhance vocabulary and grammar, and increase language fluency. Here you will find 3 intermediate conversation scripts to print or download.

Man and Women Having A Conversation Illustration

Spanish Conversation Script 1

This conversation takes place in Mexico and involves two people discussing their jobs. One is a primary school teacher and the other is a tour guide. They share their experiences, talk about the rewards and challenges of their jobs, and offer advice to each other. Let's dive into their conversation!

Download PDF • 61KB

Spanish Conversation Script 2

In this conversation, two people from Latin America get to know each other by discussing their countries of origin, traditions, and cultural highlights. They share their personal experiences and recommendations for places to visit and things to try, while also highlighting the similarities and differences between their cultures.

spanish-conversation-script-intermediate-about-where you are from
Download PDF • 61KB

Spanish Conversation Script 3

Two friends from Latin America who love cooking. They meet up to discuss their favorite foods, typical dishes from their countries, and their love of using spices and cooking desserts.

Download PDF • 54KB

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